The expression is true – travelling is like therapy! One feels free, open to new possibilities and completely rejuvenated. No matter where or what it’s always a magical experience. I’m not sure if it’s just the idea of a getaway or perhaps it’s the natural withdrawal from electronics while we admire the scenery around us.

Daily life and it’s complications

We get so caught up in our daily routines that it tends to continuously draw our focus away from anything else and we forget to truly live. Travelling is a great way to escape from our usual routines, worries and stress.

Our jobs are usually the biggest contributing factor for our stress. When I take a trip, I make sure I leave work where it should be – at work. There is no way I’m going to allow work to spoil a good holiday! I’m not saying I don’t love my job, but I’m certainly not going to let the concerns of the workplace disrupt a good time. In fact, I actually love my job. I’ve manage to secure myself in a position that’s well suited for my nature. I don’t have much upfront dealings with people and I can tuck myself away doing what I do best – admin. Sounds boring I know, but it works for me.

Having a passion

I read a book by Jay Shetty titled Think like a monk. In his book he explains that not everyone will be lucky enough to find a career that relates to their passion, pays a good salary and allows them to work in areas that are within their dharma (what they’re good at) If you’re lucky enough to embark on a career that involves your passion then great! You’re lucky. If not, then it’s important to bring your energy and dharma into your existing job in order to experience fulfilment. Find innovative ways to bring your energy into your job. If you’re in a career that you can’t get out of then there’s a reason you’re there, always remember that.

What travelling can do for you

Travelling takes us out of our comfort zone. It inspires us to try new things and often unknowingly stretches your capabilities somehow. When I look back at our trip through Oudtshoorn I immediately recall finding myself surrounded by ostriches while they scrambled for food out of my bucket. This is something I would never have tried back at home. I’m petrified of ostriches – why would anyone go near them? And yet – since I wanted to make the most of my trip, I rolled with the experience. It has become one of my fondest memories. I didn’t travel all that way to sit on the sidelines after all.

Since I’m all about mindfulness and trying to live mindfully, we might as well touch on the topic. For me, one of the most relative factors about travelling is the meaningful experiences we get to share with loved ones. A chance to be real with my family, spending uninterrupted time together exploring the wonders of the earth in mystical places and going on adventures together. That’s the essence of mindfulness: simply being present. It’s something beautiful!

For those that don’t know me well, I’m a relatively quiet soul and I struggle to communicate well with people. I avoid conversation and tend to tuck myself amongst my family rather than relish in new friendships. Travel challenges me to engage with different people so that I can learn about their cultures and lifestyles – something I find fascinating.

Cultural Diversity

I’m going to be honest with you, I find white cultures pretty boring. What on earth do I wear on Heritage Day? I’m not even Afrikaans so I can’t throw on some fellies and brown short pant. What we call African Culture is my favourite – the vibrant colours and magnificent face markings are incredible and I look in awe at the pride in which these cultural folk express themselves. I also have a keen interest in the Buddhists for their view on simplicity and ability to remain consistent in their way of living. Rastafarian culture also fascinates me. They are about so much more than simply smoking spliff. A big part of our travels incorporates learning about other people and how they live their lives.

Enough about why, let’s talk about where.

Our travel focus, South Africa

Originally we focused our travels locally because we simply couldn’t afford to travel beyond, but we’ve come to realise that South Africa offers such vast cultures, incredible activities to experience and magnificent destinations that we wouldn’t want to travel anywhere else. We love our own back yard and take pride in the opportunity of learning and exploring our own country and everything it has to offer.

We began our travels as a family in 2016 and have visited 30 destinations around South Africa, most of which have been in the Eastern Cape. Our most recent was a 6 day road trip visiting 4 different destinations along the way – my favourite trip to date. We haven’t touched some of the provinces in our country and are already blown away by the beauty that surrounds us locally.

South Africa is blessed with some of the most pristine coastlines and breathtaking nature that stretches in every direction. We boast impressive wildlife with the most spectacular experiences imaginable. We offer buzzing cities and bursts of African colour.

We hope to extend our travel map into more provinces this year, and we’re excited to share these experiences with you.