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If you’re looking for guidance on ways to live a life that honours your soul then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to offer guidance on growing your self awareness so you can unlock your full potential.

Healing. Balance. Energy. Focus. Strength.

Live to your fullest potential by listening to your inner self and be mindful in your daily routines. Thrive on your inner creativity to generate breakthrough successes and feel purposeful.

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Mindfulness is all about paying attention in the moment so you can harness your inner strengths.

Stress is an emotional and physical response in the mind and body and using tools like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journaling and deep breathing can help alleviate stress.

It’s just as important to instill these strategies with our children so I’ve studied Mindfulness for Children to help young ones enjoy living mindfully too. It gives your child a buffer so they can handle the demands of life in a more sensitive and loving manner.

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In our online shop you’ll find items which can help in building great mindful practices, including yoga & meditation props, journals and all things pure. Many of our items in the shop are handcrafted by local artists.

For International orders please make contact with me directly to arrange purchase and delivery.

Meet Kim Mariemuthoo 

I’m Kim – a Mindfulness Coach, mother of two amazing boys and wife to an outstanding man.  It’s a long story, but in summary after realizing how a mindful way of living positively changed my own life and that of my family,  It excites me to share these practices with others.  It’s also easy to see that I’m a big nature lover, so I look into all things pure and natural.  To sum it up, these are the roots from which Sacred Self originates.   


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